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Transboundary Rivers

Conflicts and Water issues

Water is a precious resource and its value will constantly increase as time passes. Unfortunately, many of the world rivers face daunting challenges and many countries are fighting over water rich territories. Most conflicts and water issues involve Transboundary Rivers.

In an effort to increase awareness of these global water issues, photographer Franck Vogel has created a multi-faceted photography project focusing on eight major rivers, each with its own specific set of problems. He started investigating on the Nile and its controversial Millennium Dam project in 2012. He then continued with features on the Brahmaputra in 2013, followed by the Colorado and the Jordan in 2015. The next expeditions will take place on the Mekong, the Amazon, the Ganges and the Zambezi.

La Martinière Publishing
256 pages - 12,4'' x 9,8''
Released in Sept 2016



The images are displayed in exhibitions, magazines and websites ; featured in lectures given by Franck Vogel (Columbia University, the Earth Institute and COP22 in Marrakesh) and published in books, including a two-volume set to be released in 2016 and 2018.

The first volume has been recommended by National Geographic, RTL, Le Monde, L'Obs, France Info TV, France Culture, La Vie, RFI, La Gazette Drouot, Télérama.

BBC World News : Live interview April 19, 2016 on Transboundary Rivers with anchor Rico Hizon.

Increase awareness around one of the world’s most precious resources and the challenges surrounding seven vitally important rivers.

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THe BOOK - TRANsboundary Rivers

The first volume "Fleuves Frontières" (Transboundary Rivers) has been released by French publisher Edition de La Martinière and features four rivers (Nile, Brahmaputra, Colorado and Jordan Rivers), amazing maps, figures and texts, 228 photos, 264 pages and 2kg to understand a bit more about water issues. The book is now only available in French but it should be next year in English.

Preview of the book Fleuves Frontières (Transboundary Rivers) - La Martinière Publishing (2016)

Preview of the book on the Colorado River.

Preview of the book Fleuves Frontières (Transboundary Rivers). Discover the first pages from the Colorado River chapter and the preface by Gilles Boeuf, biologist and biodiversity specialist, professor at Pierre-et-Marie-Curie University in Paris, former president of the National Museum of Natural History, Scientific advisor to Ségolène Royale, French Minister of Environment.


Requiem for the Mekong

The Mekong

It took the Mekong River thousands of years to create its delta in Vietnam and it never failed to feed the population. Today the river is in danger: the Mekong delta is sinking and fish migration is blocked because of the new mega dams.

 Jordan River


Holy for half Humankind, the Jordan River remains nowadays a dirty and polluted stream. Most of its water has been diverted for farming and cities in Israel and Jordan.

Portfolio Colorado


The Colorado is the vital artery of the American Southwest but is also the only river in the world that no longer flows into the ocean.


The BrahmaputrA

With little to no concern for environmental risks or local population, China and India are engaged in a hydro-dam construction race on the Brahmaputra and its tributaries, in efforts to generate substantial amounts of electricity.

Portfolio Nile

the Nile

For centuries, Nile water access has been one of Egypt’s major concerns and the country won’t hesitate to go to war to preserve it. One reason for the 25-year civil war in the Sudan is due to the Nile, and the new Millenium Dam constructed by Ethiopia, which is sure to increase tensions.


Colorado Exhibition at Pavillon de l'Eau in Paris (30 May 2016 - 31 March 2017) is also enhanced with Augmented Reality for tablets and smartphones.

- Exhibition with Green Cross International at the United Nations headquarter (Geneva, Switzerland) - October 2016
- VOILAH! French Festival in Gardens of the Bay (Singapore) - 15 April to 31 May 2016
- EverydayClimateChange exhibit at Photoville Festival (New York, US) - Sept 2015
- Photoreporter Festival (Saint Brieuc, France) - The Brahmaputra - The exhibition is enhanced with a custom-designed soundscape and Augmented Reality by Google Glass, for tablets and smartphones - Oct to Nov 2014
- Photoreporter Festival (Saint Brieuc, France) - The Nile - Oct to Nov 2012
- Green Cross 20th anniversary (Geneva, Switzerland) - Sept 2012

Exhibition on Transboundary Rivers near the Supertrees grove at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

Exhibition on Transboundary Rivers near the Supertrees grove during VOILAH! French Festival at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.


GEO France - The Mekong - Fév 2017

GEO France (Feb 2017)
The Mekong - 18 pages

WE DEMAIN - Book on Transboundary Rivers - Dec  2016

WE DEMAIN (Dec 2016)
Transboundary Rivers & Book

La National Geographic Magazine (France) - Book on Transboundary Rivers - Nov  2016

National Geographic (Nov 2016)
Transboundary Rivers & Book

Bloomberg Businessweek - Nov 2016

Bloomberg (Nov 2016)
Transboundary Rivers

GEO Finland - The Jordan - Nov 2016

GEO Finland (Nov 2016)
The Jordan - 18 pages

La Gazette Drouot - 30 Sept 2016

La Gazette Drouot (Oct 2016)
Transboundary Rivers & Book

Asian Geographic

Asian Geographic (May 2016)
Transboundary Rivers

France Info TV

France Info TV (Sept 2016)
Book on Transboundary Rivers

France Info TV - Livre "Fleuves Frontières"

El Comercio (Ecuador)
Book on Transboundary Rivers

L'Obs magazine - The Colorado

L'OBS (Sept 2016)
The Colorado

GEO Spain - The Colorado

GEO Spain (June 2016)
The Colorado - 18 pages

La Vie - The Colorado River

La Vie (May 2016)
The Colorado - 6 pages

GEO - The Jordan River

GEO France (May 2016)
The Jordan - 18 pages

GEO - Le Colorado

GEO France (Dec 2015)
The Colorado - 18 pages

GEO - Le Brahmapoutre

GEO France (Feb 2015)
The Brahmaputra - 16 pages

GEO - Le Nil

GEO France (March 2013)
The Nil - 14 pages

Le Monde diplomatique - Le Nil

Le Monde diplomatique
(July 2013)
The Nil - double spread


- The Business Times : Article on Transboundary Rivers' exhibition in Singapore
- Lianhe Zaobao : Article on Transboundary Rivers' exhibition in Singapore (Chinese)
- Pure magazine : Article on Transboundary Rivers' exhibition in Singapore
- Corriere della Sera : Article on the Transboundary Rivers project and book (Italian)
- RTL : Live interview (45min) on the book Transboundary Rivers with Thomas Hugues and Sidonie Bonnec (French radio)
- Le Monde : Article on the Transboundary Rivers project and book (French)
- France Culture : Les Petits matins - Interview on the Colorado River (French radio)
- Télérama hightly recommends the Colorado exhibition (French)
- Actuphoto : Interview on my work and the book (French)
- RFI : C'est pas du vent - Interview on the project and the book (French radio)
- DNA : Article on the Colorado River and the Book (French)
- GEO : Presentation of the GEO issue & focus on the Jordan River with the Editor-in-Chief (French)
- France Info : Planete GEO - Radio interview on the Jordan (French radio)
- GEO : Presentation of the GEO issue & focus on the Colorado River with the Editor-in-Chief (French)
- GEO : Video of a 90,000-cow farm in the Imperial Valley (Making-of in French)
- France Info : Planete GEO - Radio interview on the Colorado (French)
- Ouest France Newspaper : Video interview on the exhibition with Augmented Reality (French)
- France Info : Planete GEO - Radio interview on the Brahmaputra (French)
- Energy - At what cost? : Interview in French by Franck Vogel at Photoreporter Festival (French)
- France Info : Planete GEO - Radio interview on the Nile (French)


- Gardens by the Bay, VOILAH! French Festival (April 16, 2016, Singapore) : Talk on Transboundary Rivers' project.
- Columbia University (Oct 29, 2015 - New York) : Talk at the Maison Française about the Transboundary Rivers' project with the Columbia Earth Institute and the Water Center.
- National Marine Museum (Nov 26, 2013 - Paris) : Talk on the Nile for the company Sopra Steria.


Story on the Nile’s water by Franck Vogel (in French)



La Martinière Publishing
264 pages - 12,4” x 9,8”
Released in Sept 2016 (France)


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Backstage photo while working on the Brahmaputra (India)

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